The Norfolk ‘Forest to Sea F2C’ long-distance cycle tourism and leisure route.

Dr. Chris Coles has launched this personal project as a contribution to low-carbon growth in one of the UK’s most disadvantaged, low-income regions (often hidden to the casual observer by the pockets of wealth in an area of extreme inequalities). Tourism is an important economic driver here, but motorised over-tourism is a seasonal issue in the most popular areas, creating pollution, noise and danger for both visitors and residents.
The evidence for for economic and environmental benefits of cycling is compelling:
  • Cyclists and pedestrians spend 40% more than motorists (Transport for London)
  • A French study calculated that cycle tourists spend 20% more than the average visitor (European Commission, [EC])
  • Up to 15 bikes can be accommodated in a car parking space (EC)
  • Cycle parking generates 5 times greater retail spend than the same area of car parking. Cyclists shop locally and are more loyal customers (EC)

The F2C homepage publicises the main route, along with several alternatives, presenting interactive mapping with businesses and attractions, three photo blogs, a short video and e-guidebook.

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