ITC Tourism Intervention Opportunity Identification Guide

Practical guidelines aiming to show how to identify viable projects to adapt tourism supply chains to enhance positive impacts on poor people.

Opportunity Guide report

ODI Pathways to Prosperity Briefing Paper

Introduces a conceptual framework for three pathways through which tourism affects poor people - direct effects, secondary effects and dynamic effects. Chris Coles has adapted this framework to examine the potential economic benefits of investment in improved water infrastructure on Yemen.

Pathways to Progress briefing paper

Springfield M4P and Women's Economic Empowerment, Linda Jones

A discussion paper attempting to fill gaps in how the Making Markets Work for the Poor (M4P) approach addresses Women's Economic Empowerment (WEE) issues.

Discussion paper

M4P Operational Guide - The Red Book

The third of the DFID-SDC funded M4P guides, which focusses upon how to implement the approach introduced in the Red and Green books.

The Red Book (Guide)

M4P Perspectives - The Green Book

Following the introduction to the approach in the Blue Book, Perspectives - the second of the DFID/SDC-funded guides to M4P - explores its application to different fields.

The Green Book (Perspectives)

M4P Synthesis - The Blue Book

The first of the DFID/SDC-funded trio of M4P guides, 'Synthesis' introduces the approach.

The Blue Book (Synthesis)

SDC Working Paper on Facilitating Change in M4P Programmes

User friendly, concise summary of the M4P approach to market development.

SDC M4P working paper

GEMS Results Measurement Handbook

An example of an M4P-specific results measurement guide.

GEMS RM handbook