Systematic review: effects of wind turbines on bird abundance

Systematic review examining 124 studies of the impacts of wind farms on avian populations, assessing the quality of available evidence and discussion implications for management and further research.

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Systematic review: rotational heath burning and floristic diversity

Does burning of UK sub-montane, dry dwarf-shrub heath maintain vegetation diversity? This systematic review discusses the available scientific evidence and implications for management and further research.

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World Bank Seychelles Strategic Country Diagnostic

The tourism components of this document are based upon the 2017 Seychelles Tourism Value Chain Diagnostic, with Coles Development Consulting as lead implementer.

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Rapid market assessment and poverty - case study of dairy value chains in Tanzania

This work compares three rapid market estimation techniques using case studies in two contrasting Tanzanian municipalities and underlines the importance of informal markets for the poorest consumer groups.

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Water and Economic Growth in Taiz, Yemen

Adapting the 'pathways to progress' approach developed as part of the ODI tourism team to examine direct, indirect, dynamic and induced economic effects of potential investment in better water supply to the city of Taiz, Yemen. This report summarises my conclusions in terms of forecasted dividends - principally in terms of employment and income gains - and implications for human resources and other requirements for an enabling environment that would allow the municipality to take full economic advantage of such infrastructure development.

Final report to UK DFID/FCO/MoD

Markets and rural poverty: upgrading in value chains

‘Rich in case-study material, and informed by theory, this valuable, diverse and rich collection shows how poor producers can avoid immiserizing growth and benefit from selling into local, regional and global markets.'
Raphael Kaplinsky,The Open University, UK

'This book should be read by every researcher and development practitioner interested in pro-poor value chains. Readers will find sensible and field-tested methodology, options and advice for making value chains effective in reducing poverty.'
Merle D. Faminow, International Development Research Centre, Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean

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Kilimanjaro and Oromia coffee value chain case studies: producer benefits from fair trade and free market channels

Traces Fair Trade and open market coffee value chains in Kilimanjaro region, Tanzania and in Jimma region, Ethiopia. Compares the governance frameworks and benefit distribution among actors in both chains and makes recommendations for changes in order to maximise returns for smallholder farmers.

Kilimanjaro and Oromia Coffee Value Chain Case Studies: Producer Benefits from Fair Trade and Free Market Channels

Enhancing private sector and community engagement in tourism services in Ethiopia

The Ethiopian government recognises the contribution that tourism can make to reducing poverty. This report assesses the current links between tourist activity and the poor in the local economy; suggests a range of interventions that will improve the poverty reducing impact of tourism; and provides suggestions as to how the emerging Ethiopian Sustainable Tourism Development Project can be designed to most effectively support tourism that leads to poverty reduction in Ethiopia.

Enhancing private sector and community engagement in tourism services in Ethiopia