Zanzibar Integrated Strategic Action Plan (ISAP) for Tourism, The World Bank

The challenges to tourism development in the Zanzibar archipelago reinforce (i) the need for more integrated approaches to destination planning, where needs for physical infrastructure can be assessed within the context of coherent zones selected as priorities for tourism development; and (ii) the need for public institutions across several sectors to work more closely, effectively, and efficiently with private investors, communities and other stakeholders to achieve a common tourism strategy. The Tourism Strategic Plan, and an accompanying Action Plan, is part of the Government’s commitment to ensure the sustainable development, management and marketing of tourism for Zanzibar over the next ten years.

The World Bank in Zanzibar

Market Development Programme for Northern Ghana (MADE), UK Government

Worked for Nathan Associates and the UK DFID on the identification, profiling and screening of potential seed company investors (rice and groundnut), and a parallel Market Systems Analysis and intervention design for vegetable seeds, focusing upon the potential for greater investment by seed producers and distributors in partnership with the MADE programme.

MADE website

Seychelles: Strengthening Value Chains Links to the Tourism Industry, The World Bank

Technical lead for implementation of the World Bank Seychelles Value Chain Linkages to Tourism project, reporting to the Minister of Finance, Trade and the Blue Economy with a quantitative diagnosis and policy recommendations for cost reduction, value addition and increased local content in tourism products.

World Bank Seychelles Systematic Country Diagnostic (with tourism input from the Value Chain Linkages project)

Malawi Oil Seeds Transformation (MOST), UK Government

Supported first, second and third year business planning, including market systems analysis, sector strategy design and intervention planning to facilitate pro-poor growth in Malawi's soybean, groundnut, sunflower and cotton sectors.

MOST website